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What feeds your soul? What motivates you to move...take action...develop a new relationship...change your hair style? Of recent, growth has been put in front of me...while I have always embraced change, there has been a part of me that both desired and needed a sense of sameness...stability...something to 'anchor' onto. Finding that balance has been an adventure this past year. And along with my personal journey, those around me have been confronting similar decisions. Sometimes change comes seemingly uninvited...although as most of you know, everything we experience we have in some way called to our life. All experiences are for our personal growth...and as we address these changes head on, we gain more wisdom. Despite whether it 'feels' like something we would actually choose, it offers us an opportunity to examine what we are focusing on in our lives. For as the saying goes, "As a man thinketh, so he is". With the knowledge gained we can help another along the way as they journey through their life, which, of course, is also a careful balance--to know when to share what we have learned and when to wait until someone ask! There seems to be an awful lot of 'experts'..or as the old saying goes, "Too many chiefs and not enough Indians". The bottom line is growth! It is your decision as to what to do with what your have learned. As for me, the more I learn, the more I realize I don't know! And so, I embrace growth and ask for guidance as to how to use what I learned for the good of the community and I continue to be grateful for those I meet along the way.


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