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There have been many things written about detachment....the positive aspects are: you allow others to 'do their own thing' by not getting caught up in their 'stuff'; you spend more energy noticing what is working in your life because what's in front of you at this moment is really all that is important; you do not second guess yourself because what you chose is in the past--hence worry never enters your realm of reality--these are just a few of the benefits of detachment. Now, the big challenge is actually practicing this art...and it is an art, for most of us as taught that if we really care about something or someone we will worry about how they are doing. It was told to me the word Care is of old English origin and it means to 'carry the burden'. With that in hand, it seems easier to let worry go, for we all know to carry the burden for someone else is to disrespect them by getting in their business, it says, "I'm afraid you can't handle this", and it shows lack of trust they can handle what they came here to do. Most of us have plenty of things to keep clear and focused on right in front of us! And when we are constantly thinking about what needs done, who needs help, questioning our decisions, we lose the sacredness of this moment. It was described to me as such, "Spirit is not in the past, for that's history, Spirit is not in the future, for that's yet to occur, the only place to find Spirit is in this moment. If we indeed, desire a close walk with the divine, it would be helpful to pay attention to what's around us right now. As each of us look at detachment, it would be good to consider, what is important in my life? What is of value that needs my attention and love? When those two questions are answered, we are free to enjoy the moment and we know exactly the next step in front of us.


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