The Nature of Things--Grandfather

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It's a warm, muggy morning as the crickets sound the alarm for the habitants of daytime on Earth to awaken. Grandfather has begun his ascent and his face is full of brightness...a beautiful gift reminding me opportunity is directly in front of me. Interesting how I can get caught up in the details of life and idle away time organizing, planning, coordinating, and analyzing the events of life. It is really very amusing how I think I am in charge of anything!

The birds are singing their hearts song as the great standing ones on either side of me show the fullness of their summer attire. Funny how we humans become very bare with the warmth of summer .... we shed clothes and frolic in the coolness of the water to balance our bodies temperature. When I was young, we spent hours outside attempting to find shade, now we spend as much time inside grateful for air conditioning as a way to 'enjoy' summer. Lightning bugs are delightful to watch with a childlike amazement--however, the mosquitoes keep us inside or sprayed with repellent to observe these night light creatures....guess watching from a window isn't so bad when humidity hangs heavy in the air. Have the generations changed? Or has our environment become more toxic? It really doesn't matter....asking that only engages the mind, which disengages our 'being in the moment' opportunity to simply observe and enjoy.

Very soon the coolness of Fall will bring out the layers of clothing waiting to envelope our bodies, and the Standing ones will display their rich Fall colors as they begin shedding their 'attire' to prepare for whatever winter brings. I am grateful for the change of seasons and for the opportunity to receive the teaching that all things are in a constant state of change---helps me not take life too serious, and most certainly renews my faith in the knowing that something very divine not only has a great sense of humor, but is always present! Grandfather's warm is now seen and felt in full's going to bring yet another delicious summer day --- here's to sweet tea, lemonade and an air conditioned space for which to retreat!


  1. Vickie Says:

    Mmmmmm, sweet tea! I am grateful the standing ones put on their leaves. We certainly enjoy the shade!

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