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Moving into a new place has occupied the first two months of 2011 for me; which is just the tip of the iceberg with the changes coming this year for all of us. Seems everyone is being confronted with some sort of major shift in their life; whether it feels like a conscious or unconscious choice, shifts are happening! Of course, everything that happens in our life we have called into it. It takes getting past the emotional reactions to truly understand that Truth--but it is a Truth! Emotions are part of being human; and, in reality, it is one of the attractions for being on this planet. Of course, after all the domestication we forget what we came here to do until life brings us some years of experience; and, unfortunately, some painful events. Then we begin to return to our "authentic self" and the memories seep back.

We are traveling through time at warp speed and the energy is very intense. Just look around at all the upheaval and unrest and you will see the manifestation of this vibrational frequency. It is happening in our world, our communities, our homes and in ourselves. The big question in front of each of us is what to do with this energy. For those seeking to "Be the Change" the only answer is to "Do your work"! Get off the fence! and choose what you want to manifest. Have no doubt, you will manifest something in 2011, even if you never get off the fence. You just may not like what you see and be very clear, you will have no one to blame for what happens around you but you. This is a most pivotal time to truly "own" what is yours. No more blaming someone else. What you have is precisely what you have created by your actions...and do realize that doing nothing is an action! One of the most powerful tools for choosing is to remember, YOU are responsibility for your life. So, feel the firmness of the fence beneath you, consider what you want to create, and get the feeling back in your bottom! You will be traveling with some amazing people!


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