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Ever think about the word "silly". Wherever did it come from? Who first coined that phrase? I wonder about many of our words and how they came about. For today, the word is "silly." Today I will notice the events and thoughts that are "silly"; that is to say, that make me want to giggle, snicker, scratch my head. It is a preponderance of crazy-making that encourages me to stop, think and ask questions. Things that make no sense, that stops me in my track and place a big question mark in front of me. There are many things I hear from others and myself that make me wonder, "Whatever does that mean?" Often I ask myself "What was I thinking?" Sometimes I realize I wasn't thinking or what happened would not have happened. Sometimes I notice how often I am sleep-walking during the day; moving from one activity to another just being busy, not thinking about anything, just routely doing tasks. In actuality, I am just mindlessly doing the task; however, the real key is in realizing, my "head mind" is constantly chattering away while I do these task! So, in essence, I am rarely fully present in the moment! It is a very funny life that lies in front of me, and I have so many options from which to choose how to live each moment. I think that is the reality--how much I just move through life considering the past events and fretting about what "might be," it really is very humorous being human; fact of the matter, it is really very "silly!"


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