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There is power in the stillness of our minds; in the space where the "head chatter" has no merit. I am reminded this morning of the importance of spending time in the "void"; the place where only the sound of our heart beat and breath is heard. Consider how much time you really spend in this space--if you are like 99% of the human population it's probably only about 5 minutes a day! Even when we sit in our favorite space to BE with ourselves, God, all that is divine, our head talks to us. For today, take 10 minutes to sit in the quiet of your mind and really notice how much time is spent in complete silence, with absolutely no head chatter...I am certain you will be surprised. I was also reminded that those in the Spirit world need us to "stand in the gap" between the worlds as an embassador for those that do not know of this connection. With all the chaos, confusion, and fear life brings, many people can only focus on survival. When this happens, there is no time to consider our true source of strength, wellness, abundance and access all we needs to move through the "crisis" in our life. And so it is with our planet. What we need are more spiritual warriors, those that intimately know the Truth and access the divine before taking any action. Only then can we "Be the change we seek in this world." Let us know what you learn from trying this 10 minutes of silence! We need YOU to help US be part of the solution to our world's challenges and changes.


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