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When we are gestating within our Mother's womb, we are held in a sacred bag; the scientific word is "placenta". While in this bag, we are surrounded by everything we need to grow, develop, mature until the perfect time for us to emerge into the physical world. This bag is filled with blood, the life-giving substance for our growth. Within this bag we are protected from the environmental and earthly experiences of our Mother. We are insulated from possible effects of those around us. Of course, whatever our Mother ingest will find it's way to us; although the placenta blood filters these substances as best it can. It is our umbilical cord that carries this filtered nourishment's to our being as we sleep, move, hiccup, excrete waste, and other life sustaining processes waiting for the perfect time to enter the physical environment. Most of the time, we do not exit this safe place until all processes are complete and our maturation has come to fruition. It is at the perfect time we make our grand entrance; even if it is what the medical field terms "premature".

Consider this for a moment: We are still held in the sacred placenta bag, connected to our Creator, fed and nourished through this cord each and every moment of our earth experience! We have precisely what we need in each and every moment, and we are held by the angelic beings that agreed to come to the earth experience with us until such time as we leave this earth plane. Not for one moment are we ever without everything we need! When we have developed what we need to grow and mature, we make our grand entrance "home." Now consider, what that feels like to really know this.


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