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We are in the season that replenishes the Earth; such a marvelous time to notice the benefits of moisture.  Nearly every moment of the day reveals richer greens, vivid colors and a lush fullness brought forth by the moisture of spring. All of one's senses can witness this unfolding. Sit outside and listen to the sounds of the birds as they gather clippings from newly mowed lawns, last winter's weather and the amazing winds of all seasons. If you listen close enough, you can almost hear the plants pushing through the Earth as the rains awaken the slumbering plants within our Mother. If you are fortunate enough to have an old fashioned lilac tree in your yard, just sniff the air a bit and you will take in the sweetness of memories of life at it's fullest. While the weather still carries the coolness of early spring, you can feel the warmth beginning to fill the air; it is a promise of what is soon to caress our bodies; the heat of summer.

All of our senses are awakened if we slow down long enough to allow these gifts to stir our hearts; the place where our soul resides. Spring is, indeed, a grand time to allow our soul to emerge, to awaken from the slumbering state in which we often spend much time attempting to protect ourselves from the moisture brought from disappointments life can present. IF one is brave enough to truly desire all this Earth experience offers one will sit in the peaceful place of nature and allow the moisture to feed one's soul. For just as the moisture brings beauty to the world, so it offers to enrich our inner life; and when this happens, everyone can smell, hear and feel the fullness of love at it's fullest. Just as moisture feeds what is within the Earth and supports it's emergence, so it feeds the fertile soil of our hearts and allows our gifts to add beauty to the world. Consider if you will, what beauty lies in wait within your heart to assist this planet with shifting into the next level of consciousness where love "reigns" to feed the community. 


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