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To keep my commitment to update my blog on a regular basis, I am sitting in front of the computer. It has been a journey to be willing to write things that are visible to "the world." Being a rather private person, I have resisted being part of the "network world." Truth is, I prefer hearing someone's voice, seeing their expressions, observing their gestures, and just plain seeing their face. I love human contact, one-on-one, face-to-face communications. Whether it is crying, giggling, or sharing views, it feels more satisfying "sit" with someone. If they are long distance, and it is not possible to have their physical presence, then a phone call is nice. Hearing their voice, noticing their intonations, giggles, varying volume associated with the topic of discussion all helps me really "know" the feelings of the person better. I can tell from all these communication factors whether what I am saying is being received in the way in which it was intended. Communication is clear when each person can pay attention to all of these very important "contributors." Some have said I need to "get with the program" and join a social network; I have considered their words and carefully looked at whether it is my "resistance" to the technology I have problems with, or simply something else. I have decided, it is "something else." I love my family and friends, and to ensure they feel my heart and that communications are clear I prefer human contact in the form of physical modes (i.e. face-to-face, or phone calls). To show I am not an "old fart" about technology, I do like Skype!


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