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Am currently sitting in the beautiful mountains just outside Murphy, NC.  It was a very cold morning as nearly 400 eager bikers gathered to begin a "vision quest" of sorts.  There were riders very young to more mature, ranging in various sizes and shapes.  It was interesting to observe their various modes of riding apparel.  No one expected it to be so darn cold this morning, so many were huddled in groups with blankets waiting for the start of the race.  The first set of riders left the starting point about 6:50 a.m. for a hundred mile mountain excursion, followed at 7:05 by those aiming for sixty-five miles.  This was my first mountain bike race experience, so it was most exciting to observe the expressions in words and actions of these excited riders.  There were probably only a dozen or so supporters gathered to watch our friends or relatives begin their journey.  I am here because of a vision a young friend of mine had.  This is her first sixty-five mile race and it was most exciting to watch her actions in preparation for this big event.  I have watched this young lady become a very powerful woman--actually, it would be more accurate to say, I have witnessed her claiming her authentic self.  She has always shown tremendous commitment to whatever she chose to do, I have watched her show me what it looks like to really "see" someone be impeccable.  Her word is her bond and her actions follow what she says.  It is a rare and precious commodity!  So, we both bundled up about 5:00 a.m. and began the ritual of preparing for her day's journey.  This young woman and I have worked many vision quest together as we supported those walking the mountain to pray for clear vision.  Both of us have made that walk and know the importance community supporters are for those making the journey. There are no words to describe how very important "supporters" are in our life.  They help us learn how to show up in our lives, receive love then return it to those that come behind us on their quest.  My heart is full of gratitude for the magnificent way in which Creator's face is made visible through the eyes of those supporting us in our earth walk.    It is a blessing to be the supporter and the one supported....there really is no difference!


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    This touched my heart, thank you for sharing.

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