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With spring in full bloom, thoughts move toward planting gardens.  Some of the sweetest times for those of us in the North is when the Earth shows what was "resting" within her womb.  It is a wonderful reminder that growth and change are still "brewing", even if we do not see it!  It is good to be assured that much is done in the "invisible" realm.  Often in life, it feels as though we are "stuck", not making progress, not achieving what we want and it can become discouraging to the point of us wanting to give up.  However, it is precisely at that time we need to watch some of our greatest teachers--those in nature to be reminded everything is in a divine order.  As human beings we are conditioned to believe if we do enough, act a certain way, say the magic words, things will manifest.  In essence, they do; however, the key to keeping our balance is in remembering we are in a partnership on this journey.  We are never without precisely what we need, and absolutely never alone.  In the re-membering of that, we can find the faith to know all we must do is plant the seed, tend to it's needs, then get out of the way for all that is divine to do the rest.  As you step outside into the beauty of the spring, notice what is appearing beneath the earth, growing almost in front of your eyes, and without your physical assistance!  Perhaps noticing this will help you spend more time discerning what you want to see more of in your life, then planting those dreams into the fertile soil of our consciousness, and allowing the divine to take care of the rest!  Our job is merely to pay attention to the basic needs of what we have planted with proper care, then removing weeds as needed.  (As for the weeds, you will know what those by the way in which they smother your hopes and place doubt in what you are creating.) 

We would love to hear what sort of things you do to tend those dreams you have planted!  It helps all of us with our own planting!


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