Being in the Moment

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    It is a moment by moment "opportunity" for me to stay present.  My head mind loves to consider things; ideas, creations, goals, projects, solutions.  The list goes on and on as my "beautiful mind" meanders through the possibilities of life. I am grateful for my sense of responsibility for life, and how it has taught me to find creative options to situations I confront and to be able to offer that gift to others.  And yet, while the gift of having the "ability to respond" is one in which I am grateful to possess, it does often open the channel to a plethora of thoughts that steadily flow through the corridors of my head mind.
    Everyone is confronting change and with that change comes a deluge of decisions to be made. It may start out with one simple decision that then opens the door for another and another. It can become a daunting task that often leads us to seek assistance from others with making those choices. The gift of friendship helps individuals weed through the emotional feelings most generally connected to making major decisions; having a trusted friend or confidante is very needed and valued.
    And so, I find myself praying for guidance as to how to stay in the moment, appreciating every single detail of it's tremendous beauty while staying alert to the Creator for guidance. I have learned that when I stay in the moment, the clarity that comes is simple, pure and without debate; it simply "makes sense."
    The gift of "Being in the Moment" is worth every ounce of energy and self-discipline required to stay present. I have found that clarity comes when the heart is engaged in the solution and the head mind isn't doing all the work. After all, just like each of us, our head mind desires a partner to help it take a break and enjoy the moment!  Isn't it really funny how everything really is very simple! It becomes even more simple when we allow our hearts to feel, play, and guide us!


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