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     This morning I am thinking about "itching." For the past month or better, I've had hives, poison ivy (maybe poison oak,) or some form of rash.  The hives really got my attention in they developed into huge welts that were massive all over my body.  It became so severe I went to the doctor because my throat was so swollen, swallowing was difficult.  Of course, I surrendered to taking steroids, which was really a stretch for me,  However; in order to honor my body, it was time for such drastic measures. 
     Sure enough, within a day or so I felt more comfortable and left for vacation. A couple of days after returning home, I developed what I thought was poison ivy on my face, (primarily on the left side of my face and eye) that went to my neck and belly.  So, out comes the alcohol (both the rubbing and the drinking!) as I asked my body, "What the heck is going on?"  I do talk to my body since I know our body lets us know what's going on that our "head-or thoughts-" may not tell us.   
     Anyone who knows me knows I practice what I preach, so I did some serious "conversing" only to find silence.  While my "head" asked many questions, offering lots of possible options for what I was "itching" to change, adjust to, create, manifest...the list went on; the questions were met with silence.  No "ah-ha's", no "duh's," just silence.
     It has now become very clear that my human emotions are very frustrated with what I see happening that makes absolutely no sense.  My human knowing of how relationships move, grow, expand has not been accepted by those that asked for assistance and then choose to ignore it.  I absolutely trust the divine to guide each and every person's path There is no doubt in my heart and mind that what each person needs to experience will unfold precisely as they request, and in a way that will answer their questions. Yet, while I know these things in every inch of my soul, my body feels the frustration of watching people ignore these teachings. With 30 years of working with thousands of families and listening to the divine guidance given from Creator when a concern is taken before the "council" on the other side that waits to assist each and every one of us I know we are given answers when we seek them with all our heart and soul.  It seems to be our "human" self that resist the guidance we are given from those that have traveled the path before us.
     So, the simple Truth is my human self feels frustration watching guidance be ignored.  When I was a Counselor, I watched adolescence ignore such wisdom's given by myself, their grandparents, parents, elders they sought out for guidance.....(yes, it was words given to the young person when they sought advice.)  The typical response was, "I want to learn it for myself."  So, my reply became, "So, why did you ask me?"  Which generally led to silence, or a defensiveness that assisted them with leaving my office.  Of course, 80% of the time, they returned to chat because they knew what they heard was the Truth, whether they wanted to accept it at the time, or not.
     My human self does not understand why a person would continue with certain behaviors when they obviously know what course of action (or inaction) is for the highest and best good.  I remember being a teenager, young adult and reaching mid-life.  I remember the feelings and concerns and recall how it felt to resist words that weren't what I wanted to hear. However, I also remember getting to the point that while I didn't want to hear the words, (especially when they were opposing what "I" wanted to do) I did take the words into my heart and ask for guidance from Creator.  By the time I was 30 I knew my "elders" knew a thing or two....darn it all, I so wanted to have all the answers myself!  I also learned to listen to Creator and those in human form when things would happen that got my car accidents, injuries, repeated heartache. 
     It seems the generations after me are more persistent that they will learn for themselves (or despite themselves); and by gosh, will prove they know best. If they put their hand on a hot stove and get burned, they'll use the other hand.  Well, that's fine and good, and I wish them the best.  What I do know without a shadow of doubt, is they will figure out they could have saved a lot of heartache and time if they would had listened, discerned what they could use and implemented some of the wisdom's with their perspective. 
     So, I will continue trying not to scratch these itches I have until my human self releases the frustrations and surrenders to my heart knowing that all is in perfect order. I recall a scripture I learned a very long time ago that says, "When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man/woman, I put away childish things." I will sit in the silence in order to assist my human self with getting out of the way for Creator to do the work.  In so doing, I know I will be of more assistance to others (and to my body)...and then, perhaps my body won't have to "itching" to remind me I'm acting like a child thinking my way is best, instead of being a child that lives in the space of trusting the Divine is at work! What happens between Creator and others is their business, not mine! Ah,the human experience is such an amazing journey!


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