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     Asked my heart this morning how it's feeling; interesting how clear the message. My heart is both sad and excited. The sadness comes from observing and hearing all the ways in which many people choose to ignore, devalue, underestimate themselves and others in their life. Seems we all can easily get caught up in the concerns in our lives that we end up spending more time figuring out what and how to do something then simply appreciating what is sweet, heart-warming, silly and other such words that describe what is in front of us. In light of the last entry, it is not surprising my heart would bring this to my awareness; I consciously choose to ask my heart how it was doing first thing this morning.
    The first thing it shared was excitement that my oldest brother is coming to visit this weekend. One of my sweetest treasures is my oldest brother. He is such a man of integrity and innocence. He has a purity of spirit and mind that comes from focusing his thoughts and actions on Spirit's guidance. It is amazing to watch how simple life can be when we allow Spirit to direct our path. He does this with purpose and complete trust that God cares about him, his life, and his children's life . . . . just as God does all creation.
    My brother and I grew up watching our Father practice faith, pray and seek God's direction in his life, as did our Mother, although she was more private with her practice. We didn't know any other way but to trust God to provide.
    My heart is grateful for these teachings that have helped carry me through life's experience, and yet it is sad that so many were not shown how to know, without a shadow of doubt, that our divine Creator did care about each of our lives. My heart's sadness this morning is a sliver in my heart, for the security of knowing Creator's love overcomes all adversities, oppositions, or actions in the world, brings great excitement to my heart. It is possible for others to learn this, regardless of their age. As the morning sky displays hues of pink, my heart is grateful for yet another opportunity to really listen to my heart so I can learn how to assist others with finding that truth.


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