The Luck of the Irish

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Ever wonder where these old sayings come from? An even bigger question might be how often have you said some familiar phrase without knowing what it means? I wonder if whomever came up with some of those old phrases ever considered they would be coined by people centuries later? Perhaps if we knew something we said fairly often would "stick," we would be more careful with our words!

As we move toward March 17, it may be worth doing some research and finding out at least one tidbit about the Irish. With facts at our "finger tips," there is every reason to understand more deeply what this saying means. It has been said if we are to become a stronger nation, better person, develop a more solid community, we can "look over our shoulder" at the past to learn from what our ancestors experienced. So, whether you are Irish or not, consider taking a moment or two to find out why the Irish are known for their "luck." You just might find out what courage, perseverance and determination "looks like" and what laughter, music, camaraderie, and lifting a pint does for the soul!


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