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   This Easter Sunday morning I wish to speak of the one with whom we celebrate this sacred holiday - Jesus. This son of God came to the world to be a living example of what unconditional love looks like. Many speak of loving someone or having a passion for something; however, Jesus showed the world how it could look if we truly "walked our talk!"
   If you watch the media, Easter has become more commercial and, sadly to say, many young people have no real understanding what this time of year is all about. Many people who used to go to church became disillusioned by the actions of a few members and left. Unfortunately, they left God and the teachings of Jesus in the "building." To me, this is a very sad truth that has left many children in homes where the teachings of God and Jesus are completely left out. This is, indeed, a very sad situations. For to be taught all you have is your own understanding of things and that this world is all there is, leaves hope and faith completely out of the teachings that every human being need!
  The teachings of Jesus and all that he taught were evidenced in the way he lived! Which, as scary as that may be, is true for all of us. His life was an example of how his Father, God, created the world to be. His death also teaches us how to live. For it is in the dying to old ways of thinking, believing, living that we open up space in our hearts to allow the truth to seep through. We are all sons and daughters of God, we are creations of the Creator, and out of respect and love for that Truth, we need to consider how we live in this world.
  If you or your parents were some of those that left the teachings of Jesus in the church building, you might consider how your heart feels about that. For it is our "thinking mind," the one we are programmed by our caregivers, that guides most of our lives. That is, until we truly take responsibility for our lives and return to our hearts for guidance.   
  We are spiritual beings in a physical world, not the other way around, this Easter season is a fabulous time to consider how we live in this world. If you are ready for your life to have more meaning and you would like to find out for yourself what Jesus taught, pick up the book "Wisdom Jesus" by Cynthia Bourgeault. I found the Jesus my heart has always known among the pages laced with Scriptures from the Bible in the book.
  Bringing this full circle, "Have an Easter egg hunt" and spend some time in nature today and ask for guidance. If the weather is not conducive, then sit in the silence of a favorite place in your home, but have no excuse for not taking action on this! Then let your heart ask the questions as you search for the treasures hidden within. I have no doubt you will find a few "sweet" treasures that have waited a long time to be found! May this Easter be one that brings you to the resurrection of something you thought was long gone or no longer true, and may you be willing to share those treasures with the world! Heaven knows we need it!


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