The Smoking Mirror

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Smoke has filled my vision this past few months and day to day life has been foggy and muted. My night time dreams have been vivid and clear, although a bit "odd" if given a few moments, I can generally understand precisely what it is telling me. I just woke from one such dream with clarity about my daytime life. The day to day relationships in my life have reflected the smudged and finger-printed mirror through which I have been viewing life. It is time for some "Windex" and paper towels to bring that mirror into sparking clear view. The smoke was created by my thinking mind! It never ceases to amaze me how quickly my thinking mind comes to my "aid" when day to day circumstances become confusing. After all these years the smoke can still become thick when my thinking mind runs ram shot over the voice of my heart. I am grateful for the great mirror that boldly sits in front of me each day; for it offers me the opportunity to pause and be still so I can hear my heart speak -- for that IS the Windex and paper towels that will restore the mirror to a clear view.


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