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  Of recent, it has become very apparent how "Resistant" I can be to new things - at least that was my first observation. While I have always viewed myself as a person who loves change, I find myself apprehensive about many things. I could say it is "old age," "being set in my ways," or some other accolade; however, using those terms merely provides an "excuse." The simple truth is I have learned to pause and observe before making decisions and/or observations. My mind wants to attribute something "logical" to this new way of approaching opportunities, teachings, just about anything new being presented before me. However, what I have realized is Discernment has finally taken a respected place in my life.
  Rather than accept every new teachings, opportunity or enterprise being offered, I have finally learned how to step back, get quiet, take a walk and breathe. For it is at those times I am fully present in the moment and can "hear" the whispers of the Creator within guide me to the "next step!" It is a place of trust in my inner wisdom - the part of me that is intimately connected to the divine, that finally has my attention.
  As I consider these realization, I can more accurately describe my place of "Resistance," and more gently and respectfully embrace the softer, wiser part of myself that resides in the present. Instead of being fearful because of past experience and projecting that onto what "might" happen in the future, I am learning to be present ... in this very moment - and to accept the gift of Discernment! That sounds so much sweeter - For this, I am most grateful!


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