Flat Tires

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    A wish from our Heart is a dream! It is a deep "calling" from within that won't go away no matter how much we allow ourselves to be distracted. Everyone has a dream of some sort or another, EVERYONE! The trick is to discover it - allow ourselves to slow down enough to hear what it has to say.
    Most of my life I was called a "dreamer." It was not always said as a positive attribute, however, it did acknowledge a truth about me. I do believe in the magic of miracles! Whether it is small ones like asking for a parking spot in a crowded mall or that the neighbor's barking dog get laryngitis, or something big, like World peace, we all wish for something that will make life easier, simpler, less stressful and have more meaning!
   Recently both of my cars got flat tires. Now, what are the chances that could happen within a couple of weeks of each other? So, being the ever-wondering person I am, I asked myself if I was hindering or holding myself back in any way. What I discovered was a powerful teaching was being put in front of me. Like everyone, life presents us with distractions! That is to say, we can be moving along doing well and something happens to someone we care about and what you had been working on often takes "back seat" to helping that person with his/hers situation. That is simply a matter of life being ... well, life! And yet, what we had been working on gets ignored while we focus on being of assistance to someone or something else. 
    All of that is OK, too, because helping our neighbor is a way of helping ourselves as well. The trouble is we can sometimes be so busy being busy, we let our personal projects (or dreams) be put on the back burner and left to simmer away! So, what I know is there have been many "distractions" in front of me while completing this book I have been working on, and those flat tires helped me see the importance of taking the time to honor my dream along with helping others! If not, I'm "shooting myself in the foot" rather then seeing my dreams come to fruition.
    Oh what a sense of humor we must have to keep our life in balance! I am grateful for the reminders my vehicles have given me that my dreams are as important as what I can offer someone else! And, in reality, I can help others more earnestly by seeing my dreams to fruition in order to help them see theirs to completion! Now isn't that a interesting teaching! All that from Flat Tires! 


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