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   Storytelling has held wisdom throughout the ages. It is through the telling of our stories we share what we have learned throughout our lives.It matters not whether the "characters" are fictional, or real, what is important is we tell our stories. 
    "Head-to-Heart Talks" will be published this summer, and through the twenty-five stories within the binding are truths told via the heart. It takes courage to tell one's story, to be open enough to allow another to hear the unfolding of one's life. Being vulnerable takes a willingness to truly be "seen" by others. I wonder, what is your story? What adventures are held within your heart that could help another sojourner move along their path? 
     Now might be a good time to tell the story of your life - or at least one adventure that might touch another person's heart. It seems to me if each of us could simply tell one story, it would help our community come a bit closer together. Then as each community grows, so the community next to it expands to the one next to it. And so, perhaps the world could be changed, one story at a time! 
    I wonder how the world might then be changed, if we simply remembered what our ancestors knew so well - how to tell a good story? Come on, you can do it - "Once upon a time . . ."


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