Buried Truth

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    Miley Cyrus was interviewed on Good Morning America today. When asked about how she feels when she sees a picture of herself as Hannah Montana, she responds with, "That was me at 15, now I'm 20 and this is me!" She continued, "It will be interesting to see how I am in 2 years."
    Of course, as the media does so well, they asked her about the backlash of people's reactions to such drastic changes, and the publicity surrounding her relationship with her family. It was her reply I found most "enlightening," especially with regards to understanding the current actions of our youth. She replied there was enough things to be concerned about that she just wants to add something uplifting and hopefully motivating so people don't forget how to have fun. She continued that she hopes she is adding a positive substitute for the current dilemmas in the world.
   Finally, they pointed out she just broke an all time record for most viewed video within a 24 hour period. Miley commented that even if people who did not like her were viewing her new video online and leaving negative comments, it was still adding to the popularity of her music, so she really didn't care what others thought...She concluded, "I win either way!"
   Now isn't that most interesting! There is much wisdom in the words of this young lady who I hope keeps her "Center" through the changes in the world and her life. There was profound Truth buried within the context of her words. Sometimes we don't "get" that Truth because we are too busy judging the manner in which it was delivered!


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