The "Pause" button!

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    Words are very particular, unique, powerful, and quite frankly, create our reality. What we say is really a prayer of what we are asking for in our life. Many very wise people have taught this Truth, and yet, until we actually see how it manifests in our life, we really can't see just how powerful our words are.
    For me, it has helped to learn of the "pause" button! My thoughts are often running rampant in my brain, so I have to "pause" to discern which I really want to allow to occupy my mind, and which thoughts need to be put aside. Gratefully, I have learned my thoughts are the "fore-runners" of my words, so rather then continually be explaining what I really meant by something I said I have learned to hit the "pause" button. That is not always an easy task since my brain is running 24/7, however, it is certainly a gift I am gladly developing in my life!
    I am so very grateful for that "pause" button! I has helped me save time and energy by not having to explain my words and it has helped me learn the importance of the reflective time available in the silence! It is sort of like the "inhale" I take between thoughts and words. 
    This "pause" button also helps me with my emotions. Rather then reacting to a situation that elicits my emotions, I am learning how to "pause," breathe in a few times then discern what I want to do about the feelings. Most of the time it is best for me to just hit that "pause" button, leave the situation, and get involved with something completely different until such time I feel more balanced with my emotions. It certainly saves the time that I otherwise would have been spent explaining what I meant!
    Always the student, always learning more about myself. I find that a very peaceful place to be! It sure beats the heck out of thinking I need to know it all by this age! And, it helps me enjoy the beauty of learning, changing and growing! I find it much more relaxing and fun! So, you might consider trying the "pause" button - and see how it works for you!


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