Ego . . . continued

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  This morning I am thinking some more about Ego. My Teacher told me years ago that I had a strong "Ego," which completely blew me away. What I knew at that point was I had always suffered from thinking I wasn't as good, wise, pretty, etc as those around me. However, my Teacher was quick to point out that is still Ego, because it is still comparing yourself to others. That was quite a revelation for me! Since then I have worked at watching my thoughts to see what it is telling me about what is going on in my life. 
   Not surprisingly, I found I was always jumping from thinking I wasn't so "good," to thinking I was pretty darn smart! Being human is a funny and exciting adventure, and everyday I seem to learn more about what my "brain" is telling me about life. It seems to be on auto-pilot with making interpretations about situations, conversations, "insights" I observe every day. 
   So, my latest task is to be more of an "observer" in my life. I am doing my best to really "listen" to what my head is telling me and when I begin making up stories about what just happened, I am trying my best to not make assumptions; rather, to ask for more information, clarification, and the such if I have questions. At least, that is what my heart is saying will help me truly develop understanding and ultimately deeper compassion for cultures, ideas and people in general. 
   There is my latest revelations about Ego. Ahh, the learning never stops!


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