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  I have been thinking about "Ego" lately. What precisely "it" is and how it affects my life. From a psychological view, I know it has to do with how we identify with ourselves in the world. That is to say, our "standing" in our family, work and overall community. To keep this simple, (which in and of itself is a tall order!) Ego is how we see ourselves as "measured" by those around us.
  So of recent, I am looking around myself and seeing that Ego really keeps us looking outside ourselves, and when we do turn our eyes inward, what we see is measured by our "outward" observations. That is to say, we are constantly comparing ourselves to those around us. Now, I don't know about you, but that's a lot of work, and most of the time, it has me constantly "stalking" myself trying to make certain I'm "doing things right!"
  This morning it occurs to me that takes a lot of work, and, it is done using a "critical eye." So, from the beginning, we are using a "negative" measuring stick in order to make certain we are "good enough" or "better" than someone else. Now isn't that a sad state of affairs?
   With all that said, I invite anyone reading this to consider how "Ego" works in his/her life and offer your insights as to how you see this "Ego" working in your world. It is my experience that sharing such lessons from one's life helps others become more aware. Who says we have to learn everything from first hand experience? We all know that's going to happen, so why not glean knowledge from other people's experience. It certainly doesn't mean someone is "wiser" than another, it simply means one can choose to find a "non-ouch" way to maneuver through life. So, leave a story, or a "tip," it just might help someone else (including me!) to find a sweeter way to look at him/herself and grow!


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