Grandmother Moon

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  I sat in the cell phone lot at the airport last night waiting for a friend to arrive and got some great teachings. It was a fabulously cool night so I was able to have the window's down and enjoy the fresh night air. Grandmother Moon's face was full and she filled the night sky with brillance. In the stillness of the night, when people have settled into their homes, and with only the sounds of the planes taking off and landing my heart felt a deep connection to the vast night sky. I do not know why, but nothing feeds my soul like being in nature.
  I parked my vehicle strategically so that I could stare at her beauty, and as I watched the clouds move all around her face, it occurred to me, how many of us humans ever consider all that she does for our planet? It is the moon that orchestrates the ocean tides, as does she influence human emotions and moods. Now, I am certainly am not a scientifically gifted person, so I can only speak to what I observe when I glaze at the night sky and allow her beauty and mystery to fill my soul.
  What I discovered was my heart spoke to me. It asked me to consider those in my physical life that had influenced me in such a way that I had not really noticed the effects until something significant happened in my life that I had to call upon that person. Which made me think some more about the specific people in my life that have quietly stood by me as I busyed myself with life.
  And then I considered, "What if" each of us actually took the time to pause and consider those that have made themselves available when we needed to chat, laugh, cry, contemplate, solve, conclude, or simply vent our concerns? "What if" we went to that person and told them how grateful we are for them? How would the world look if each of us took that action? And, if each of us took that action, could it be that one day we might answer a knock at our door, open it, and find someone standing in front of us to say, "Thank you." 
  All this I got from watching Grandmother Moon! Now tell me she doesn't have a great influence on this world! Imagine what more she could do if we slowed down our lives enough to and simply notice her!


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