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  There is a place within ourselves that knows. As simple as that sounds, it is so very true! Often our "head mind" wants to interpret the "event," or "situation," as "good" or "bad." Once it has a label, it feels safe to start telling stories about what has occurred. Oh, how grand the stories can be! They can have us victims of others that become victorious, or saviors of others that need rescued. We can color the story any shade of the rainbow we choose.
   However, in that choosing, we need to remember we have a phelothera of emotions standing ready to be called forth! Yes, we are that powerful, we are, indeed, "masters of our destiny," in that we bring into our life precisely what we choose to experience.
   Therefore, it might be wise to remember this Truth the next time we find ourselves confronting new "events," or "situations" and then decide how we want to "feel" about it. If we want to have more peace in our life, more faith in humanity, we might consider choosing to observe the event or situation as an outsider, rather then as a participant. To do this would require we find a place from which to observe the event or situation. 
   I call that space my "Center." It is the place of neutrality, of non-judgment. This space has taken some time to be comfortable in because it is quiet and lacks words. Instead, it listens to the stillness, to my breathing, to the emptiness within that simply exist. I wish I could say it is easy to find and stay present there, but it is not. It takes much work and discipline to be there even for fifteen minutes! 
   To be there, is to be free though, so I continue to "show up" and practice being there in order to keep my faith renewed, my health strong and my relationships happy. For everyone must find their own way through life's journey, and in order to do that, they need to experience the event. It is nice when the wisdom of someone who has walked that journey can be listened to and used; however, some times the best teacher is the one that has us "walk into the fire." So, I have learned that what those that choose to enter the fire need from me is the unconditional love that is shown by "getting out of the way," and holding my "Center" until they can find theirs.


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