The Human Heart

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  It absolutely boggles my mind how many people are starving for affection, for the touch of another human being, or a word of recognition from someone they love. How is it we live in a world where communication is a "click" away and yet, we are miles from the touch of another human being?
  It seems we have replaced the comfort found in a smile, the touch of a hand, a memory shared from a past experience, the love shown in someone's eyes, with "things?" A new game, brain teaser, degree, promotion, seemingly safe "flirt" with someone we know nothing about, has somehow replaced actual human contact with someone who is "suppose" to occupy our heart?
  How is it this has happened? Can a shopping trip, a dinner out, a new car, vacation, recognition award, really adequately replace genuine heart-felt emotions? I am perplexed by the hunger I see in the eyes of those I come in contact with daily. Can reading a post on someone's blog, Facebook account, email, twitter, Linked in, honestly replace a phone call, a face-to-face conversation, or a simple, none word hug?
  I do not believe it is my age that asks these questions, for it is the young people around me that I also see such a hunger. Are we really so "independent" and "together" we would prefer to cry in the privacy of our bed then to reach out for support from those we so desperately yearn to love?
  The human heart is such a marvelously, delicious gift it amazes me how much energy we expand to keep it from being hurt. And, in the process of preventing "injury" we have lost the gift given by being vulnerable enough to truly feel and accept love from another's heart. We all know the difference between affection between two people who are simply seeking physical pleasure and those that truly speak to the very core of our heart.
  I guess the question is, "When will humanity be brave enough to ask for love from someone that truly stirs their heart?" I can only answer that question for myself. And, I know that whatever action I choose will, indeed, influence those around me.
  I have recently seen this truth in the eyes of those I love. For as I shared my heart's song currently being played, I have seen their tears. As I shared my tears from my newly reopened heart, I have seen their hunger for such a deep connection. And, while many of these people are in relationship, there is a hunger in their eyes that says they, too, desire more heart-felt affection in their lives.
  So, tonight, I sip sleepytime tea, and burn a candle for a loved one who I know cries from her soul for the love she has for her partner. He is "deciding" whether he wants to continue to share the heart-felt emotions with her that he once did. He can call it an opportunity to "find himself," but what I know is he is walking away from a love that hungers to share a depth of knowing, of deep affection that he will no doubt one day wish he would have cherished. But then, that is his journey to choose. What I know is, her willingness to love with such a depth will be rewarded if she will allow her heart to remain open. 
  But such is the story for many of us. No doubt most of us have "protected our heart" by finding fault with someone, making excuses for why they are not "right" for us, too this, too that, only to be left with a heart wrenching hunger. That hunger is a deep yearning from within for someone with whom we can be truly personal, truly heart connected. And when that desire is not met, our soul is left feeling empty and incomplete, but if we will listen, it will ultimately ask us to please be brave enough to try again.
  The human heart needs human contact. There are not enough games, things, or money, that can fill that vacant place. So, tonight I pray, that my heart will remain open, vulnerable, willing to risk it all for the wordless, none descriptive adjectives that are felt when another human being reaches a hand to feel my presence, looks into my eyes and sees me so completely. And, this I wish for our world!


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