Just Jump!

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  Of recent I have relearned how to "Just Jump." Many who know me might be surprised to hear me say that since I have always practiced the art of carefully "considering the consequences" before making any decision.
  I still very much believe in the importance of listing all the options available when confronting important decisions then carefully considering the consequences of each one; however, if a person has taken that action there comes a time to choose!
  Once the selection is made, then one must be brave enough to place one foot in front of the other and move toward that selection. Golly, is that ever hard to do sometimes. And most of the time that's because we no longer have any more excuses for not making a decision.
  Finally, of course, one has to take responsibility for what one has chosen. I believe that is what keeps many of us standing on the edge of a major decision telling ourselves all sorts of stories about why we need to "wait and make certain" what we have chosen is "correct."
  I have been reminded that life is, indeed, very precious and very short, so why keep standing on the edge ruminating over "yeah, buts" "what ifs" and all the other words we use to keep from taking responsibility for making a decision. Truth be told, not choosing is choosing!
  Now, isn't all of this most interesting? I mean do we really want to live our lives waiting for the perfect moment? Or do we want to live life to the fullest? I say let's "Just Jump!" Because what my most recent experience reminded me was the "drop" brought butterflies to my belly that actually made me feel very much alive, and that what waited for me was a whole new freedom I never knew was part of the "package deal!"  


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