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  Spring has finally arrived! We have green emerging from the Earth as a result of all the rain. There will be no complaining from me however; I am just grateful the temperatures are warming. It does remind me that after the turbulent wind and weather moves across the land, growth comes forth with a diversity of color, shapes and sizes. 
  It is good I remember this, because sometimes I wonder what all the “upheaval” is about! Of course, that is my “head” trying to understand it. I do realize things just are what they are, and ultimately, in the end, everything works our perfectly. Matter of fact is, it works out better than my “mind” could begin to figure it out. The universe has a way of bringing forth beauty regardless of apparent circumstances.

  There is great comfort in this awareness. It means I don’t have to spend so much time and energy trying to figure it out! Gee, I really am grateful the plants that are emerging from the Earth realize this truth … may I be as “in the moment” and trusting as they are.


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