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  Here’s something that has been weaving through my heart and head – the focus on women. Being a baby boomer I have witnessed the changes from a society where only men were seen as the leaders to one that embraces the gifts a women has to offer. It has been interesting to watch women choose careers outside the home, actively stand up for equality and decide for themselves whether to become a mother.  It is no longer a given, it is a choice, and, rightfully so. A child deserves to come into this world as a gift to their parents.
  During my lifetime I have watched women come from behind their husbands, stand beside them for a brief time, then move in front of them. I have witnessed the family dynamics change as traditional roles “shape shift.”
  As is the case for any thing that changes, the pendulum swings from one side to the other until a balance is found. What my heart hopes is society stays focused on equality for all – on the balance.
  Of recent, I have heard people talking about women like they are the answer to our societal dilemma. The only answer is when every person has respect, compassion and love for each other. For when there is a “superior” there is an “inferior,” and that only leads to an eventual up rise.
  I hope the women and men of my generation (and those that come after us) will teach their daughters, sons, granddaughters, grandsons, nieces and nephews, the importance of respect for the gifts each individual brings to the world. For that is when harmony will become our balance point, and who doesn't want that?

  Lastly, I hear the use of the expression, Divine Feminine, associated with women only; that shows a misunderstanding of Divine Feminine. And what about the Divine Masculine? Well, obviously that’s a topic for another time! Until then, consider your role in helping your corner of the world truly respect the gifts women and men bring “to the table” from which the community will feast.


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