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  I had a conversation with a long time friend I had not talked to in a very long time last evening. While catching up with each other’s lives we got on the subject of our sons and their significant others. I must admit it felt both affirming and disconcerting to have our observations the same.
  The world is changing and with that comes the polar opposite of what has been the norm. We all know this, and yet, it still touches the human heart when old traditions that were built on respect take a turn in the opposite direction. We both decided we loved our sons and whatever journeys they are on, we know, without a shadow of a doubt they will be just fine.
  We know this because we taught our sons there was something greater then themselves always with them, to have respect for women, a strong work ethic and to love their family. We did this with our actions, not just our words. Somehow in that short five-minute conversation about our sons, my heart found peace. 

 The rest of the 45 minutes was the usual giggles about the memories of our youth and the humor in everyday life. Finally we chatted about the grand transitions that come with being a grandmother; being able to tell it like it really is, the lumps, sags, lines and most of all, the comfort that comes from finally not really caring what others think … well, almost! 
  What I know is life unfolds, and with the love of a true friend, we can laugh, cry, be angry and end up giggling about it all!


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