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  "The ability to respond," is the short definition of Responsibility.  Having that "gift" insures that no matter what you are confronted with, you will always be able to handle situations. Whether it is to creatively produce an item that inspires others, adds beauty to living space, opens the heart of someone, or it involves coming up with a solution to a situation for yourself or someone else, having the ability to respond makes life bigger! 
  Imagine if you will what the world would look like if everyone took the time to consider options, organize his/hers thoughts, sit in the quietness of the unknown, and dream. To be responsible means a person has developed those skills. and with that confidence comes a knowing within. 
  The self-discipline and commitment to develop this skill, coupled with lots of practice, will help the person realize that they are, indeed, brave enough to step outside their comfort zone and venture into new territory . . . whatever that territory may be. Who knows, being responsible may mean the person finds out what a limitless, vast and diverse world they live in, and that them being in the world adds to that richness!


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