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It is 3:00 a.m. and sleep alludes me; thoughts of current situations in my family are playing in my head.  So, I did my usual "routine" for clearing my mind and attempted to return to bed.  No luck; my thoughts kept ruminating over recent news flashes a family member told me.  I continue to pray for my loved ones knowing Creator has a grander scale of healing tools by which to assist humans then my brain can even begin to imagine.  I am grateful for Sleepytime Tea and the ability to know if I take an action I move toward what I want to create and therefore, away from trying to figure out how to "fix" someone else's situation.  My children have taught me how to stay out of their business and respect them enough they have the tools to confront whatever situation they bring into their life.  My job when they were young was to teach them how to find solutions and know within themselves they have the answers they need.  Now, it is my job to be there to listen and remind them of those truths.  It is much more empowering to help someone find their own wisdom within then to be the "saviour" who has all the answers. 
So here I am making my way through the chaos of life's situations by writing down my thoughts and feelings.  It is a different generation than I grew up in when there were not so many choices, so much exposure to what everyone else is doing in their life.  Indeed, there is constant chaos brought about by the actions of others most of us really have no dealings with, except through the media.  Still, we can be pulled into their life's dramas simply by turning on the TV or Internet.  It boggles my mind how people can choose to watch these "reality" shows; like life does not bring us enough in our own families.  It has been said, "misery loves company" and that most certainly fits today's society.  I suppose there is comfort in knowing others have the same difficulties as we do.  Through the chaos of life's situations we do find strength; just seems to me that strength can come through looking over our shoulder at how we have made choices, listening to our elders talk about how they adjusted to changes in life, and gleaning the wisdom of discernment through their insights rather than actually experiencing it ourselves.  I am grateful to have been taught to think before doing something.  Even though doing this was a way to make certain we didn't embarrass our parents, or offend God in some way, it still gave me the opportunity to stop and think about possible consequences.  By doing this it was easier to take responsibility for my actions, rather then blame someone else.  A rather novel idea in today's world; however, certainly one that would lead to less chaos in life. 
It all comes down to what each person chooses for his/her life.  If you are reading this, you now have no excuse for not taking responsibility for your choices--you have been told how to stop and think first. What I know is chaos can bring positive changes to one's life, IF we learn from the experiences.  However, if we are continually confronting chaos, there is something we are missing in the experience or we would not keep repeating it. 
So, for this moment, I will complete this entry, finish my tea, turn off the computer and return to a very good sleep.  I am grateful there is a Creator in charge of helping those who ask for makes my life so much simpler!


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