Mother's Day

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I do not know when Mother's Day first became an annual holiday, nor do I know if our country is the only one that celebrates this occasion.  What I do know is how nice it is to notice people taking the time to remember their Mother.  Whether your Mother was kind and compassionate, or strict and stern, the job of being a Mother is not an easy one.  Stop for a moment and consider what courage and strength it takes to be a Mother.  From the time you conceive the child until you die, you are on call 24-7.  Of course, once your child leaves home, there is less responsibility; however, if they need something, it is generally the Mother they call.  Perhaps it is because a child lies at his/her Mother's belly for nine months that creates that bond, or maybe it is simply because she's the one most available the first few years of a child's life.  What is most obvious is the love a child has for his/her Mother is generally hard to break, regardless what they relationship has been.  When push comes to shove and life gets really difficult, it is Mom most of us want.  And Mom comes in many shapes and forms: biological, adopted, grandmother, Aunt, are among the most common.  However, what a child is really yearning for is the heart-felt love that most generally comes from the one we first encountered.  It is that love we all seek that keeps us forever willing to open our hearts to another.  Whether our hearts get broken, or filled with hope, rarely do humans stop searching for that unconditional love.  As Mother's Day is celebrated, take a few moments to ask yourself, if you have the love in your heart to open it to someone else?  Are you willing to ask for what you want and give from your own heart?  Every human being wants to be seen and loved, and whether your Mother gave that to you or not, there is always an opportunity to give and receive heart-felt love to another person.  With so many people searching for love, surely you can take the time to give someone a hug, speak a kind word, or simply give them a smile.  It just may be precisely what their heart and yours needs.


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