Sleepless in Martinsville

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Maybe I went to bed too early, maybe it's the humidity and warmth, or perhaps I simply need to put another entry on the blog.  Sleep is something I have been blessed with.  I know people who rarely get a good night's sleep, and gratefully, that is not true for me.  Generally when I cannot sleep there is something on my mind.  Since January, there have been many nights I have awaken for no apparent reason and if I get up, there is generally some point of clarity that reveals itself.  Must be the stillness of the night that opens an avenue that leads to discovering something the mind cannot hear during the busyness of day.  Even the birds sleep at night; it is very still where I live and I am grateful for the quietness.  My heart seems to speak to me more clearly in the middle of the night, or perhaps it is simply the lack of distractions that makes it appear that way.  Either way, I love the quietness of the night when only a hum can be heard in my ears, it is a great reminder that my heart does have a voice--gratefully, it is a sweet one that loves to sing to me.  I am grateful to know that in the stillness of night my heart connects to the divine and reminds me how precious and loved we all are.  Certainly makes waking up most rewarding! Now for some comforting sleepytime tea, then back to bed!


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