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There is much to be said about Faith.  Where does it come from? How to you "get it"? What's the purpose of Faith?  And, of course, as the current population of the world would say, "What's in it for me?"  Well, "Faith is the substance of things not seen," according to the Holy scriptures, so it is not something tangible we can "see." However, it is very visible if you look at the lives of those that have it.  When Faith is present in a life, you see less worry, more contentment, more resiliency and most certainly more peacefulness.  There is no way to avoid stress in life.  Even if you lived under a rock, chances are someone could mindlessly kick it or pick it up and there you would be exposed to life and all it's events.  Yep, life is a nondiscriminatory experience.  It does not matter who you are, how much money you have, whether you are male or female, or what your ethnicity, it finds you wherever you reside.  So, how can having Faith help in life?  Very simply, Faith gives us Hope, it gives us a light by which to find our way in the dark times we experience.  And while it would be "nice" to only live in the light all the time, we would not grow if we only experienced one aspect of life. We would never know what light was if we did not experience the dark nights of the soul.  So Faith is a gift we are offered to help us find our way.  Wouldn't it be grand if humans had the Faith the rest of the world possesses?  A tree does not fret about life, nor do the birds or animal kingdom.  They waste no words complaining and pointing fingers, they simply reach for the heavens, stand firmly on Earth Mother and keep the Faith, that in the next season all will be in perfect balance.  Think of what we could learn from the Faith of a Tree, or our family pet, or the stars that continue to reside in the night sky.  I cannot imagine living on this planet without Faith.  It helps me know, without a shadow of a doubt, that everything will rebalanced and more stable very soon.  Until then, I am comforted knowing something more divine is managing the affairs of the world!  Thank Creator for Faith!  It helps me stay out of the way for the divine to do the work; all I need do is keep the Faith so others may see the benefits it brings.


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