Not Caring

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When I first heard the teaching of not caring for people, I thought, "how selfish!"; then I learned more about what that really means.  According to the origin of the word "care", it means to "carry the burden."  So, in essence, to not care about someone is to have the utmost respect for them.  Whatever does that mean?  If you consider for a moment, that everything you have become is based on the experiences you have confronted.  We are all shaped by our experiences, when confronted with various situations, we have choices to make as to what we will do with the situation.  Every day we make dozens of choices as to what to do, say or think, and each one we decide gives us a consequence.  Hopefully, as we mature, we consider those consequences before taking action, rather then reacting to life.  If each of us are to grow, we need to take the time to consider how we became the person we are, then take responsibility for our choices and use that information when making new decisions.  As we do this we learn to respect ourselves and others as we carefully consider our actions.  IF we really respect our friends and family, we will know they are capable of making their own decisions and will learn more quickly if they make their own choices.  The tricky part is wanting to help those we love to have a "happy" life by making all the "right" choices, so we all too often quickly volunteer our advice.  Consider carefully that if we do this, we really are saying to the other person, "since you do not know how to take care of yourself, I will do it for you." And we all know how that works out, if the consequences are not what the person hoped for, guess who gets blamed!  So, consider showing respect to those in your life by "not carrying their burdens" and honoring they will grow in wisdom as they choose for themselves.  After all, don't we all have enough decisions to make in our own lives without getting involved in someone else's?  If you don't perhaps you could write a book so the rest of us could learn from you how to not have so many decisions to make!  So what can you do to help those you love?  You pray for them, you listen to their words, remind them you know they are capable of making a good choice, and you look in the mirror at your own life.  Is there something in your life you can do to support their life?  Chances are the answer to that is "yes." Now, instead of carrying their burden, take care of what is in front of you. 


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