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Many of you already know I've been working on a book.  Well, the first "mini book" is completed and ready for you to examine!  This mini book is a "primer" of sorts since it introduces the reader to the series of stories that will follow in Book Two.  It took a program co-sponsored by Neale Donald Welsh (author of Conversations with God) to get my rear in gear!  The mini book has promotional pages to encourage others to begin writing their "story".... Whatever that may look like!  It was a time-consuming, very detailed, self-motivated and self-monitoring program.  Personally, I could not have done it working full-time; however, it does get you completely enmeshed in the writing, publishing process.  I started the program about 10 months ago and learned more then I ever imagined about publishing a book.  I must say, writing is the easy part!  Nonetheless, if you have something to say, you might consider getting involved in the program.  The one big caution I would give is you must be self-monitoring.  This is not a step-by-step, person to person program.  If you are computer savvy and enjoy searching for things online, you will love this program.  They encourage a person to do most of their promoting, and networking online...which is not my forte! Personally, I like the personal contact, so it was often times a major teaching in patience and perserverance!  I am currently completing stories for book two, which will be a regular size book handled by a publisher!  When that happens, it will become more easily available through a number of book companies.  If you would like to order the mini-book, just contact me via this blogsite.  Blue Moon Gifts in Brazil, IN also has copies....so, if you are in their "neck of the woods," you can pick up one there. 
My hope is you will find the stories "thought provoking" and perhaps learn something new or remember something you have forgotten!  The book is called, "Head to Heart Talks;" I think you will enjoy the simplicity!


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