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It is so exciting to see brave producers bringing truths to the "silver screen!" While some may think it fantasy, many of us know the truth.  There is another dimension so rich and full of life, there are wisdoms carried only by the "non-human" that offers "humans" a wealth of alternatives.  Wouldn't it  be marvelous to have people really listen and talk to their animals, or to ask the trees in their yard what stories they want to share?  I think it would be delightful to have our children taught how to be that connected to everything around them.  Can you imagine how secure a young person would feel if they knew they always had support wherever they walked?  Many of us were taught these truths as children.  It was a time full of imagination, creativity and simplicity. Of course, that was before we were "taught" how to be passive and allow others to entertain us.  So, on a very positive note, I applaud the brave men and women who dare to encourage us to dream.  For as the scriptures say, "Where there is no vision the people parish" (that's my phrasing) Much gratitude to the silver screen for helping the next generation dream! Let's support those shedding light to what is possible and move away from those that promote negativity and disrespect.


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