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This morning I am thinking about Respect and what that really means.  Guess like every other word, it is a matter of each person's personal interpretations.  Each of us are taught about respect by our significant others; parents, grandparents, extended family, and those outside our home.  Of course, we first learned about respect from those with whom we lived.  Learning about respect can be very difficult because sometimes people demand we show them respect when all we have done is reflect what we have seen.  If what we learned as children was name calling, a raised voice, how to be critical and judgmental of others, that is what we will show in our lives.  Of course, our caregivers may not think having those behaviors given back to them is "respectful"; so they will punish us in a variety of ways for not showing them respect.  It can be very confusing to a young one to try to figure out what they did or did not do they "should" have done.  Many parents, as well as people in authority, have not learned that you teach people how to treat you.  IF you feel you are not being treated with respect, it would be helpful to take some quiet time and ask yourself specifically, what behavior you received that did not feel respectful.  This may take some time since most of us know how we "feel," however, are not clear what action caused us to feel that way.  All we know is it was a "yuky" feeling!
This morning, I am considering the actions of someone that was very negatively directed toward me.  (Of course, he/she also exhibited negative energy toward most of the things happening in his/her life, so, I knew not to take it personal.)  This morning I am considering if any of the words, or simply energy behind the words could be reflections of how I am feeling about myself or someone in my life.  After careful consideration and prayer, I know such words and energy are not what I feel about myself, or anyone in particular in my life at this moment.  (of course, being human, that may change! so I am mindful to be vigilant in noticing what is happening in my life) What I realize is this person needs prayers for their heart, for whatever is happening in their heart that is causing pain, causing them to feel so negative about most things around them.  What I have discerned is they are not happy in their heart, for whatever reason, and my opportunity is to detach from any ill effects from the negative spewing and refill the space with love, respect and gratitude for the sweetness in life.  If this person were to continue to show such negative actions, I would address the situation and seek some sort of peaceful resolution. Gratefully, they have never shown such angry words and actions; such behaviors are not who this person is, little wonder they feel so miserable!  Perhaps my prayers of gratitude for who they truly are, will help him/her rebalance and feel the powerful effects love brings and begin to clear their heart of the toxic residue currently residing in their heart space. 
It's certainly worth the try!  If necessary, a Plan B is always available....but we'll figure that out later.


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