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Do all humans have the same desires in life? Or do only a few seek such simple things as peace and simplicity? Do most humans "ponder" life, or simply move from moment to moment experiencing whatever happens? Do older people think about such things as happiness because they have more time, or is that something everyone actively seeks? Are some people satisfied with what their occupations because it brings a sense of fulfillment, or are they just grateful for a job? Does everyone ponder what the "big picture" is in life, or is that something only a few consider?
There are many questions that run through my mind and have for most of my life.  Sometimes I wonder about that--do other people "think" so much about life or it that something unique to only a few "chosen" to wonder about life?
For this moment, I will simply "observe" how my mind processes the experiences of life, and be grateful for the ability to just wonder.  Seems to me "wondering" is how things get better, how inventions are created and how solutions are found.  Then again, I wonder if the world is more peaceful because of people who simply live life and not "think" about it so much.  There is much to be said about simply "being" in life and not pondering the "what if's," or "why's" of life.  I'm wondering how that feels?


  1. Vickie Says:

    Wow! This is such a reflection of re-occurring questions that I have... to simply be or to ask questions and seek purpose in every nook and cranny... as with most things, probably a balance of both but boy what I wouldn't give to know how others processed this life as well! =)

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