A Constant

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    There are so many changes these days it makes my head spin trying to keep up with them. On nearly every level things are moving, shape-shifting, "in process," evolving. It is part of life, just as sleeping, eating, waking, and all the other routines we do each day. Change brings more change, and most of us move through them quite well. Of course, there are some areas we would like to not change so much, and still we move with them (perhaps screaming and kicking, but we move with them.)
    In order to make adjustments, we feel more secure when we know there are some "constants," things that are the same, or at least still around. I have observed the moon each evening, and this morning she woke me up as she streamed through the bedroom window. I'm not real savvy with understanding the "technical" terms, but I believe she's in a "waning" phase. That's to say, she's becoming of low visibility until such time that she begins her move toward becoming full once again. Of recent, she's becoming a smaller slice in the night sky. I find it interesting where she appears in the sky as well - there doesn't seem to be a particular order as to precisely where she will be. One thing is for certain, she will be in the night sky. Even with clouds, she is generally subtly visible if you really look. Sometimes it takes some searching, but she's there. 
    Being a traveler, I enjoy the different terrain of places. I find it absolutely amazing how Earth Mother takes so many shapes and forms (how some people do not believe in a Creator is beyond my understanding.) Nonetheless, when home feels far and the time accumulates that I am gone, I find much comfort watching Grandmother Moon move about in the night sky. I think she knows I am ready to be home because she's placed herself just outside the bedroom window the past few nights. 
    I am grateful for this constant, for knowing that wherever I am, however I feel, she will be visible in the night sky. She reminds me of the many "phases" of my being. That whatever I feel, it will change, it will return to a full balance if I will just move with the change and know, without a shadow of doubt, that it is all part of the evolution of life. There are constants in all our lives if we will notice and stay grateful for them. Like good friends, the moon moves through her rhythms, shows different "faces," and yet, she is a constant that can be counted on. It's up to me to pay attention and notice her presence.


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