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     Isn't it interesting how people can see the same event, listen to the same speech and each have a different interpretation? No doubt it is one of the fascinating experiences we have here on Earth that keeps us curious, asking questions and often scratching our heads! What causes us to see things differently? Perhaps it is our family of origin teachings that effect the way in which we receive information? Maybe it's the media? Could it be we have relied so heavily on what they report that we have forgotten how to process information within ourselves? 
     I am curious as to how many other people feel the same way. It never ceases to amaze me how something said or done can be so twisted and contorted to fit a completely different view then the sender intended. This has recently been in my face and I gratefully accept the opportunity to simply step back and observe. What a delicious place to be, it sure beats the heck out of explaining what my message really meant. I am grateful for the gift of compassion that helps me move through life knowing the only thing I really am in charge of is myself. How someone else interprets it is up to them. My job is to pay attention to how I deliver message. 
     Simple misunderstandings are common, I recall a situation when I was working for the Indiana State Senate and a page asked a Senator if he could get him anything. The Senator replied to the young man, "yes, I'll take an orange." When the young man returned with an "orange," the Senator looked at him strange and said, "I meant an orange soda." 
    I've never forgotten that story because it shows how simple words can be misunderstood, even when each party had great intentions. And so, I make every attempt to consider what my message is, then notice how I feel before delivering the information. I do not have control over how it is received; rather, I'm only responsible for my actions. It can be a very perplexing situation since emotions are easily stirred. What a perplexing situation . . . think I'll sign off and get an "orange," at least I know what I mean!


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    Oh, this has very much been a lesson in my life lately as well! Would love to chat you more about that. xo -V

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