T'was the morning of Christmas

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     Am sitting on the couch at my Mother's in Florida this joyful morning. Discovered a channel on the TV that has a fireplace with Christmas stockings hanging from the mantel. I hit the mute button so as not the wake my Mother or there would be Christmas music playing. What a delightful idea someone had to make your TV appear as a fireplace, complete with a rolling fire! My Mother has a ceramic Christmas tree that is all of 18 inches tall, however, it is the sweetest tree . . . very colorful with a gold star at the top. Someone gifted it to her many years ago and it serves to be quite useful and festive. It sits directly beside the TV (now serving as a fireplace.) It's quite a sweet display this Christmas morning. 
     Neale Donald Walsch wrote a very sweet inspirational message for this morning that truly depicts the "reason for the season." If you desire or need inspirational words each day, he offers an email message that is always quite timely, and, very informative. With all the distractions life brings, an inspirational message each day offers a "light" in the darkness of confusion, protest and overall dismal news we are confronted with each day. I must admit, of recent, I have noticed more programs on TV offering stories of hope, compassion and overall goodness from and to others in communities. When I am "at home" I only have a select number of TV channels since I only use rabbit ears! "At home" I am busy doing other things besides sitting in front of the TV. My Mother spends a lot of time in front of the TV, so I have been exposed to more of what is being shown. Overall, there are more programs sharing stories of goodwill then were at prior visits. I am most grateful for those that choose to offer our world something pleasant, hopeful, inspiring to watch. There are many people, like my Mother, who are not as mobile as they once were, it is good to see there are programs showing the "compassionate" side of our world.
     As I look over my small laptop at the roaring fire on the TV screen, I am grateful to have the opportunity to be connected the the warmth offered through generous and caring TV program creators. While it's not "home," it does remind me of the "fire within" that burns with a desire to see more sweetness in the world, more peace, more people living the example of the one we celebrate today - Jesus. He walked his talk; there is much we can learn from his example. Just imagine the possibilities for peace on this planet if more of us lived as he did. With New Year's just around the corner, it might be good to consider adding some of those teachings in our resolutions for 2012. It matters not our "religious" affiliation, his teachings on how to live life are universal truths that bring peace and love to the world. I will conclude by saying, "I'm in!"


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