Couch Potato

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  There is much to be said about being "couch bound." For one, you get a whole lot of "detail" work completed. Second, you have a new appreciation for the stillness. At least, that's what I am finding! It's not that I generally have noise going in the house, it's mainly my head that chatters away. When I'm home, I'll move from one thing to another, then something beckons me to "remember" to do this or that. So, there really is no "stillness." However, since occupying the couch for two days now, my head is becoming more "still." I've caught up on paperwork, online duties, and the such, so now I can "hear" the hum of the stillness. Did you know the stillness has a hum? If you didn't, you might try sitting on the couch for more than 24 hours with no TV or radio'll hear it clearly. 
   What the hum reminds me is that all of life is in motion. That "hum" is really billions and billions of energy particles least, that's my non-scientific, scientific analysis of it! It reminds me there's so much more to life than what is manifested in physical form. So, in reality, we are really never alone, there are billions and billions of energy particles moving at warp speed around us, bumping into us, nudging us to notice, that life is so very connected, even when we don't "consciously" realize it! What an amazing universe. 
    So, when someone calls you a "couch potato,"tell them, "Thank You!" Because, if you don't have the "Boob tube" on, you really are loving all God's creation that has not taken a physical form! Hmm, skeptical are you? Well, try a couple of hours with no noise and you'll see what I mean...then let's chat!


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