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Wherever have the days gone? Oh, I know, they've flown by like the birds! It has been over a month since I have written anything, so it's time to get my "rear in gear." Let me first say, I am so very grateful for the tremendous weather we've had. Being a "snow" person, I would liked to have seen more of it, but there's always next year, so no complaints from me. I find each season a gift. Something very uniquely sweet is offered through the diversity of change. Now, appreciating it in the weather is often easier to accept than having the change in every day life. Yet, I know if things stayed the same, we would all get rather bored.

So, let's hear a big OMGoodness, for the HUGE changes going on in nearly everyone's life. For we all know, that with change comes new creations, and with new creations comes new adventures. So, the next time you feel anxious about the changing world, remember, there's a new adventure just waiting to be experience right around the corner! 


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