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   We will be more conscientious with updating and maintaining this blog site. In so doing, there will be monthly comments and teachings about the Clan Mothers; they will be posted under the Grandparent tab to the left.
  For this moment, we wish to share a daily reading from Earth Medicine, which shares teachings of the Clan Mothers. If you are interested in learning more about these amazing teachers of Truth, pick up the book, The Thirteen Original Clan Mothers by Jamie Sams. It can revolutionize your life, if you work with the teachings provided.
  Wisdom Keeper is the Clan Mother that entered in with the recent full moon, here is one of her teachings for February 18: The leaves were still raging with color when the first snow came to the silent mountains of the Earth Mother. Looking down from the Spirit World, Wisdom Keeper breathed a sigh of relief, having feared that the human beings had forgotten the importance of dreaming. The appearance of the snowflakes, which held the patterns of human hopes and aspirations in their frozen wheels, temporarily relieved the Medicine Guardian of her fears.
  The Wise One remembered that less and less snow had come during the last few winters, and this realization troubled her. Were her human children forgetting to use their imaginations? Were they so busy that they had lost the will to recapture their innocence and wonder of life? Had the false masks of sophistication robbed them of their common destiny? She knew that the destiny of humankind was to remember who they were and to use their talents to dream the coming World of Peace.
  She sighed as she wondered how many would grasp the double meanings of the Remembering. Had separation robbed her children of picking up the fragments of themselves and re-membering themselves into wholeness? Could the Two-legged Tribe of humans access their connections to the Great Mystery and claim the awareness that was their right?
  She knew the answer. Not without imagination, daring, freewill, and the power of the dreamer. She also knew that all she could do was assist those who sought her out--and to trust that the dreamers would awaken.


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