Mother's Day

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It is that time of year to pause and recognize the Mother's in the world. Hopefully, we begin at home letting our "Mother" know how grateful we are for her. (whether it's an Aunt, Grandma, adopted Mother, teacher or another woman) Some people may have Mothers that raised them in such a way he/she has to "flip the coin" to see what they learned had merit in his/her life. As in any situation, we have to look at what we learned. If your Mother was harsh, overbearing, or generally not present, if you "flip the coin" you will see you learned how to be tender, compassionate and attentive if you will use the experience to become the parent to your children you wanted from yours.
Make no mistake, a Mother sets the tone for who we become. Through the manner in which she spoke to her child, to the way in which she fed him/her, she laid the foundation for how we viewed ourselves and the world. Perhaps it is because we were held in her womb for nine months (plus or minus,) felt all her emotions, heard her heart beat, and lavished in a protective cushion of moisture that created that bond. It most definitely gave us an introduction to the human race, and from there we came into the world with our first impression already set in place. For most of us, it was a grand experience! It was after we arrived we learned the "other" ways of life!
Finally, on this Mother's Day, if you are not a biological or adoptive parent, you still may be a "Mother" of some creation; some amazing idea, painting, or other artistic creation, or you may offer younger ones around you a gentle, loving recognition that he/she is important in this world. All of those components make up being a Mother. Here's to a fabulous day of remembering love comes in many forms, and always, it has an influence on someone around you, whether you recognize it or not!


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