Solar Eclipse

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    Beginning today with the solar eclipse, several big events are expected to occur over the next couple of months. They say it has been 18 years since the last solar eclipse. Many towns on the East coast have scheduled big gatherings to observe this event. Here in the mid-west we will not see much of it; however, the energy of the event will still be available for those of us seeking assistance with the changes within our lives.
    Imagine what this event means on a very deep level. The sun represents the Masculine, or in Native American teachings, the Grandfather. It carries the wisdom of the energy that takes us out into the world and really warms the dreams, creations, soul-level gifts that are sitting in our hearts "percolating!" The power within the sun really helps us bring forth and carry out into the world what we have to offer. The masculine energy gives us the courage to take the action needed to see those gifts come to fruition.
    The moon represents the Feminine, or in the Native American teachings, the Grandmother. This energy is what holds and births our gifts. It is in the quiet darkness within that our deepest dreams are created. As the moon shows her face in the darkness of the night, so in the silence within our hearts, we touch our core that carries our dreams. Within the darkened cave of our inner being, human guidelines and rules have little influence. This is why meditation is so crucial to our overall well-being in every level of our lives. It was described to me in the following way: Prayer is talking to God, Meditation is listening to the divine!
    The Creator of the Universe is giving us the opportunity to access the dynamic and powerful energy both the Moon and Sun have to offer. Why not use that energy to help "rebalance" your feminine and masculine (yin and yang)? If for only a few moments you "sit in the silence of your heart"and witness the intimacy between two very powerful forces, I am certain you will feel the passion within yourself conceiving new dreams!


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