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    Am thinking about families this morning. There are so many different types, so many various ways of 'being in relationship!' Families come in all sorts of sizes and shapes; there really is no clear definition for the word. I suppose family is any group of individuals who have a sincere interest in each other, and in the unit they call a family. It is interesting how some individuals in a family seems to simply be related through blood - genetics - shared "parents." And yet, their actions seem to imply they really do not like others in the "family" unit.
    Perhaps that is the teaching for me; understanding how some people choose to be unhappy despite how much others in their life extend love and compassion. It really is not about what "my" concept is anyway. Families have been around for centuries and they will continue to offer a place for individuals, like me, to figure things out. What I know, for me, is family is a bond that cannot be broken despite any actions of another. There may be individuals in the family you see only occasionally, who say disrespectful things about other family members, and despite all of that, they are still family.  There is something between family members that share some sort of fond memory that will keep them connected, even if only for those few fleeting moments. Then again, maybe it's the shared relationship some individuals have for a parent or grandparent that keep them "connected." After all, most everyone loves someone in what they call their "family."
     As is always the case, it is really up to me to discern what it means for me, then to get out of the way and allow others to figure out their place in the family for themselves.  Darn it! I thought it was my job to make certain everyone in the family was happy! Oh, I do have to giggle!


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